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Saint Juliana of Lazarevo (or Juliana of Murom) (1530-January 10, 1604) is a saint of the Orthodox Church. She was born in Moscow, to Justin and Stefanida Nedyurev, and married Yury Osorin, owner of the village of Lazarevo, near Murom. She lived a righteous life, consecrating herself to helping poor and needy people.[1]

Her life is considered as an example of a layman living in the world, as anyone may be supposed to please God not only by withdrawing from the world to a monastic cell, but within a family, amid cares for children, spouse, and members of the household.

The day of Saint Juliana of Lazarevo is celebrated by Orthodox Church on the 2nd of January.

A descendant of hers, Juliana Ossorguine, was the mother of Serge Schmemann.[2]

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ru:Иулиания Лазаревская

sr:Јулијана Лазаревска

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