Julia Cafritz (born May 5, 1965) is a Jewish American is the daughter of Conrad Cafritz and the granddaughter of Morris Cafritz, influential Washington, DC property developers. A bored college drop-out, she joined Brown University student Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion), to form seminal New York City noise band Pussy Galore in 1985. The band started in DC with original drummer John Hammil and guitarist Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux) but moved to New York in 1986. Hammill stayed behind and Bob Bert of Sonic Youth replaced him. The band put out several albums including a very limited edition Exile on Main St. cassette only release. The band fizzled out when Ms. Cafritz left. She went on to form the short-lived all-girl outfit STP and the Action Swingers. Later, Cafritz and best friend Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) started indie supergroup Free Kitten with bassist Mark Ibold (Pavement) and Yoshimi drummer for the Japanese noise band the Boredoms. They released three albums in the 1990s and then disbanded when Cafritz left to get a degree in teaching. She is one of the members of an experimental band called Gravy.

Free Kitten discography


  • Unboxed 1994 Wiiija
  • Nice Ass 1995 Kill Rock Stars
  • Sentimental Education 1997 Kill Rock Stars
  • Inherit 2008 Ecstatic Peace


  • Call Now 1992 Ecstatic Peace
  • Punks Suing Punks 1996 Kill Rock Stars


  • 1992 "Yoshimi Vs. Mascis" split Time Bomb
  • 1993 "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" Sympathy for the Record Industry
  • 1993 "Lick!" In The Red
  • 1993 "Special Groupie" SOS
  • 1994 "Sex Boy" Radiation
  • 1994 "Harvest Spoon" Wiiija
  • 1997 "Chinatown Express" Kill Rock Stars
  • 2008 "Seasick" Ecstatic Peace

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  • Q&A with the Village Voice (9/2/2008).]
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