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Jugni is a term created by the late ALAM LOHAR in 1965.

In its many variations it has been sung by different singers. Alam Lohar (Late) created the concept of jugni in 1965, and Alam Lohar received a gold disc LP for this song: the concept of jugni was one of a spiritual one relating to a persons understanding of the world and needs or wants with God (sufism in nature), however this has been altered by subsequent singers after Alam Lohar where jugni is described as an innocent girl. Alam Lohar son Arif lohar has been successfully keeping up the tradition, while at the same time incorporating modern vibes and rock influence in his versions of Jugni with Mukhtar Sahota (notably in his latest album "21st century Jugni").

After the introduction of jugni by Alam Lohar, it has been altered and sung by Gurmeet bawa, Asa Singh Mastana.

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