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Judeopolonia - antisemitic conspiracy theory positing an alleged future Jewish domination of Poland.[1][2] The idea had its roots in an 1858 book by Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, but did not gain currency in anti-semitic tracts until around the turn of the century. [1] In 1912, author Teodor Jeske-Choiński had Jews in his book rhetorically say: "If you do not allow us to establish a 'Judeo-Polonia state' and a nation of 'Judeo-Polish people,' we will strangle you."[1]

This myth has been revived every so often in connection with the Bodenheimer plan (League of East European States), most notably by the author Andrzej Leszek Szcześniak in his books Judeopolonia (2001) and Judeopolonia II (2002).[2]

Szczęśniak gives the name of Judeopolonia to League of East European States, a draft of separate Jewish nation-state, planned on the territory between Poland and Russia by Deutsches Komitee zur Befreiung der Russischen Juden in 1914.[3]. As such, the idea is different from Żydokomuna, which is supposed Jewish-communist domination of non-partitioned Poland.

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