Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy

German poster from 1935 saying, "World politics - World revolution. Freemasonry is an international organization beholden to Jewry with the political goal of establishing Jewish domination through world-wide revolution.".

The International-Communist-Judaeo-Masonic Conspiracy, sometimes called the international-marxist-judaeo-masonic conspiracy, or simply the judaeo-masonic conspiracy, is a conspiracy theory involving a secret coalition of Jews, freemasons, and communists. The coalition's dark aim, especially in the view of franquist Spain, would be world domination.

The absence of evidence for such a world-spanning conspiracy is taken as further demonstration of the influence of the conspirators, who are understood to be working to suppress evidence of their activity.

It is possible to trace the existence of antisemitism in Spain to the Middle Ages, since it was a useful mechanism to divert social conflicts using Jews as scapegoats, to whom all kinds of evil plots were attributed, such as starting plagues, kidnapping and ritualistic killing of infants, and the profanation of Christian sacraments, as the case of the Santo Niño de La Guardia;[1] but since the disclosure of the alleged The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,[2] these conspiracy theories were becoming more complex. The fact that Karl Marx was born in a Jewish family, together with the Jewish origin of some prominent communist leaders, made it possible to add socialist movements to the conspiracy, as participants of the same ideology.[3]


The existence of anti-Semitism can be traced back to the middle ages, linking societies without a developed capitalist system to a broad group of ideological prejudice, mainly to the contempt of activities that independently function economically, the church defined as usury. The only way to become rich without suspicion was through feudal rent, accessible only to the privileged ones that certainly were much more than the Jews. Instead the Jews would excel on them, since their condition generally impend them to access another type of job (even when the majority of the European Jews were farmers and would perform different manual and intellectual jobs). The manipulation of this prejudice was a good way to deviate social conflicts using the Jews as the scapegoat. The credit for all the bad intensions was given to them.

Caran Dache

French revolution: before and after: satirical drawing by French draftsman Caran d'Ache, 1898, in the middle of the Affaire Dreyfus and the foundation of Action Française. Although the Ancien Régime is not shown as idyllic, the contemporary situation is shown as an increase of oppression, which technical improvements (notice the ploughshare) don't lighten, and to which financial capitalism (the banker with his tophat and his wallet), the francmason (with his set square and plumb line) and the Jew (with a curved nose) are contributors.

While critics have often laid the excesses of the French Revolution at the feet of Freemasonry, the practical posibility of conspiracy was very slim. Masonic sources do recognize that Freemasonry and it's ideals played a part, although not in concert:

While it is both simplistic and specious to lay the responsibility for the French Revolution at the door of Freemasonry, there is no question that freemasons, as individuals, were active in building, and rebuilding, a new society. Considering the large number of bodies claiming masonic authority, many men identified today as freemasons were probably unaware of each other’s masonic association and clearly cannot be seen as acting in concert. Yet they did share certain beliefs and ideals.[4]

Nonetheless, Masonic ideals and Masons as individuals did play a part in revolution, hence it is thought that when the National Assembly was created, of the 1,336 Estates-General representatives at least 24%, or 320, were freemasons.</blockquote> [5] The idea that Masons acted in concert with Jews, much less with each other, is even less likely as French Masonry of the time was exclusive, denying initiation to Jews, along with many other classes of people.[6]

Franco's obsession

During the first half of the 20th Century in Spain it was very common in reactionary groups to refer to that conspiracy as responsible for the Spanish decadency since, at least, the reign of Philip II. The Habsburg Catholic King was the greatest enemy of some heterogeneous groups, like the Sephardi Jews expelled from Spain by the Catholic Monarchs, and their Marrano descendants, enriched by usury, who would have contacted with the Dutch rebels (William the Silent) and other enemies of catholicism and the Spanish Empire, which considered itself its firmest defender. Such would be responsible for the anti-Spanish propaganda called the Black Legend. The fact that among protestants (in special Luther) antisemitism was even stronger than among Catholics doesn't seem contradiction enough for this theory.[7]

Spanish dictator Francisco Franco openly referred to Popular Front government, which he and his rightist followers would successfully overthrow, as Judeo-Masonic. While anti-semitism in Nazi Germany was implemented and legislated by the German government, Franco's Spain never produced anti-semitic laws despite his assertions of a Jewish-Masonic alliance.

That expression is not a slander of his enemies, it is also mentioned in Franquist media: [3]. In this biographic page about Franco this interpretation of the Disaster of 98, from the «Anecdotario» of Franco himself (under the pseudonym of Jaime de Andrade) for the script of Raza, film directed by José Luis Sáez de Heredia:
«in Philippines, the foreigner promotes perturbations. Masonry invades everything. In Cuba, the rebels have powerful protectors; the same lodges, but with a great nation behind».
Jaime de Andrade adds this words:
«The Army and the Navy have been abandoned by Spain; they are prisoners of Spain. I have read General Captain staff letters that oozed blood. The government doesn't want adventures; we must accommodate. they can not send more men. War is not popular».
One of the officials there interrupts: «What have they done to be so (unpopular)? What a shame!!». And the staff chief says: «At the end, without weapons, without forces, without foreign policy, isolated from the world, we the military will be the culprit». [4]</ref>

His rise to the leadership of the rebelled band during the Spanish Civil War allowed him to concentrate the repression against the elements that he perceived as anti-Spanish: freemasons and leftists, features that he saw in the totality of the Republican defenders. The reconstruction he ordered at the General Archives of the Spanish Civil War in Salamanca, with all the confiscated papers, of a hall reproducing all the decorative show of a Masonic Lodge with all kinds of squalid elements is a good example of his obsession.[8]

During the difficult 1940s and later during the international isolation during the post-war, Franco produced some memorable public speeches, referring to the persistent drought (another obsession) and went on with the judaeomasonic conspiracy as the culprit of all the disasters in Spain. However, some actions favorable to Sephardi Jews during the war (like the diplomat Ángel Sanz Briz) made it possible for him to present himself as not racist. In fact, that point was important for National Catholicism to integrate the theory without problems. "Spanish race" is just a metaphorical concept, defined just by the extension of catholic faith and miscegenation in America.

The subsequent approach to United States dampened all that rhetoric along with the too explicit fascist references of the regime, although they did not disappear completely until the end of franquism.

Conspiracy theory, renewed

In recent times, the hidden relationships between those groups are still being looked for, as an attempt to renew the old theory, although it has no relevance it had the early franquism. The generalized fear of terrorism has at the beginning of the XXI century an islamic face, but that is not enough for some authors.[9] Regarding masonry, it has provided countless topics for more or less historic fantastic narrative that speculate with hidden explanations.[10]

However, the Judeomasonic Conspiracy theories found new currency among the various marginal political forces in post-Soviet Russia, where widespread destitution created fertile ground for conspiracy theories,[11] combined with Blood Libel and Holocaust Denial. These viewpoints are also voiced by several antisemitic writers, notably by Igor Shafarevich,[12] Oleg Platonov,[13][14] Vadim Kozhinov[15][16][17] and the late Grigory Klimov.[18][19][20][21][22][23]. An opinion poll conducted in Moscow ca. 1990 has shown that 18% of Moscow residents believed that there is Zionist conspiracy against Russia [24]

Extension to Zionism and Noahidism

The Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy theory has also been frequently extended to encapsulate Zionism as a political conspiracy (also known as International Zionism), especially since the foundation of the state of Israel; Noahidism has also been included in this theory.

This extension of the conspiracy theory to Zionism - a nationalist ideology which focuses exclusively upon settling a Jewish demographic majority in a national home in the Levant - can be taken as either a fear of the Israeli state due to its political self-rule by a Jewish majority or a fear which completely redefines the word "Zionism" from a nationalist, region-specific definition to a world-conquering definition. The term "International Zionism" is generally used by religiously-, ethnoracially- or class-motivated conspiracy theorists as a catch-all term to describe the mere presence of Jews (especially a coincidentally-large number of ethnic or religiously-identified Jews) in the economic, religious or political life of any country, and is hardly used to describe Zionism proper except within certain circles (such as many Judeophobic, anti-Israeli organizations in North Africa and Southwestern Asia); the term itself can be seen as an example of political framing.

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