Map used to illustrate Stahlecker's report to Heydrich on January 31, 1942

German map showing the number of Jewish executions carried out by Einsatzgruppe A.
- Estonia 963 executions and declared "Judenfrei"
- Latvia 35,238 executions
- Lithuania 136,421 executions
- Belarus 41,828 executions
- Russia 3,600 executions

Judenfrei (German: free of Jews) was a Nazi term to designate an area free of Jewish presence during The Holocaust.[1]

While Judenfrei merely to "freeing" an area of all of its Jewish citizens, the term Judenrein (literally "clean of Jews") was also used. This had the stronger connotation that any trace of Jewish blood had been removed as an impurity.[2]

Locations declared Judenfrei

Establishments, villages, cities, and regions were declared Judenfrei after they were ethnically cleansed of Jews.


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