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Jewish distribution

Judaism - Percentage by country

This article deals with the practice of Judaism and the living arrangement of Jews in the listed countries.
Country Jewish populations Jewish history Lists of Jews
File:Flag of Afghanistan.png Afghanistan Asian
File:Flag of Albania.png Albania South-East European
Flag of Algeria Maghrebim Algeria and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Andorra.png Andorra
File:Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.png Caribbean
Flag of Argentina Argentina and Latin America Argentine
Flag of Aruba List of Caribbean Jews
Flag of Armenia Armenia Asian
File:Flag of Australia.png Australia Oceanian
Flag of Austria Austria Austrian
Flag of Azerbaijan Mountain Jews and Azerbaijani Jews Azerbaijan Asian
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain and exodus Arab World
Flag of Belarus Belarus Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
Flag of Belgium Jewish Community of Antwerp Belgium West European
File:Flag of Bermuda.png List of Caribbean Jews
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina South-East European
Flag of Botswana African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Brazil.png Brazil Brazilian
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria South-East European
File:Flag of Burundi.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Cameroon African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Canada Canada Canadians
File:Flag of Cape Verde.png Jews of the Bilad el-Sudan Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Chile.png Chilean
File:Flag of People's Republic of China.png Kaifeng Jews China Asian
Flag of Colombia Latin American
File:Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Croatia Croatia South-East European
Flag of Cuba Cuba Latin American
File:Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus South-East European
File:Flag of Czech Republic.png Czech Republic and Carpathian Ruthenia Czech
File:Flag of Denmark.png Denmark North European
File:Flag of Dominican Republic.png Dominican Jews Latin America Caribbean and Latin American
Flag of Ecuador Latin America
Flag of Egypt less than 200 individuals[1] Egypt and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of El Salvador.png El Salvador Latin American
File:Flag of Eritrea.png African Jews Eritrea Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Estonia Estonia North European
Flag of Ethiopia (1996-2009) Beta Israel and Qemant Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Finland Finland North European
Flag of France France French
French Guiana French Guiana Caribbean
File:Flag of French Polynesia.png Oceanian
File:Flag of Georgia.png Georgian Jews Georgia Asian
File:Flag of Germany.png Ashkenazi Jews Germany and the Holocaust German
Flag of Ghana House of Israel (Ghana) Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Gibraltar.png Sephardi Jews Gibraltar Iberian
Flag of Greece Romaniotes Greece South-East European
File:Flag of Guatemala.png Latin American
File:Flag of Guyana.png Caribbean
File:Flag of Haiti.png Caribbean
File:Flag of Honduras.png Latin American
File:Flag of Hong Kong.png Iraqi Jews (Sephardi/Baghdadi Jews), Israeli, Jewish American Hong Kong Asian
Flag of Hungary Oberlander Jews, Satmar Hasidic dynasty, and Neolog Hungary and Carpathian Ruthenia Hungarian
Flag of Iceland Radhanites Iceland North European
Flag of India Bene Israel and Cochin, Indian, Baghdadi and Bnei Menashe India Asian
File:Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia Asian
File:Flag of Iran.png Persian, Mizrahi, and Kurdish Iran Asian
Proposed flag of Iraq (second proposal, 2008) Mizrahi Jews, Baghdadi Jews, and Kurdish Jews Iraq and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Ireland.png Ireland West European
File:Flag of Israel.png Israeli Jews Jews in the Land of Israel Israelis
Flag of Italy Italian Jews Italy West European
Flag of Jamaica Jamaica Caribbean
Flag of Japan (geometric) Judaism in Japan Japan Asian
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakh Jews Kazakhstan Asian
Flag of Kenya African Jews Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of North Korea Radhanites Asian
Flag of South Korea Radhanites and South Korea Asian
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo South-East European
Flag of Kuwait Arab World
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Bukharan Jews Asian
File:Flag of Latvia.png Latvia North European
Flag of Lebanon Mizrahi Jews Lebanon and exodus Arab World
Flag of Lesotho African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Libya Libya and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein
Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian Jews Lithuania North European
File:Flag of Luxembourg.png Luxembourg West European
File:Flag of Republic of Macedonia.png Macedonian Jews Macedonia South-East European
File:Flag of Malawi.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Malaysia Malaysian Jews Malaysia Asian
File:Flag of Mali.png Jews of the Bilad el-Sudan Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Malta.png Malta
Martinique Martinique Caribbean
Flag of Mexico Mexico and Latin America Mexican
File:Flag of Moldova.png Bessarabian Jews Moldova East European
Flag of Monaco Monaco West European
File:Flag of Montenegro.png Montenegro South-East European
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Asia
File:Flag of Morocco.png Mizrahi Jews Morocco and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Mozambique.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Myanmar.png Asian
Flag of Namibia African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Netherlands.png Sephardi and Ashkenazi Netherlands and Chuts West European
File:Flag of Netherlands Antilles.png Caribbean
Flag of New Zealand New Zealander Jews Oceanian
Flag of Nicaragua Latin American
Flag of Nigeria Igbo Jews Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Norway Jews in Norway Norway North European
File:Flag of Oman.png Mizrahi Jews Oman and exodus Arab World
Flag of Pakistan Pakistani Jews Pakistan Asian
File:Flag of Palau.png Oceanian
File:Flag of Panama.png Latin American
File:Flag of Paraguay.png Latin American
Flag of Peru Inca Jews Latin America, B'nai Moshe Latin American
File:Flag of Philippines.png Philippines Asian
File:Flag of Poland.png Chronology of Jewish Polish history Poland Polish
File:Flag of Portugal.png Spanish and Portuguese Jews Portugal Iberian
Flag of Puerto Rico Latin America Latin American
Flag of Romania Romania Romanian
Flag of Russia Mountain Jews Russia Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
File:Flag of Rwanda.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of San Marino.png San Marino
File:Flag of Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia Arab World
Flag of Scotland Scotland Scottish
File:Flag of Senegal.png Jews of the Bilad el-Sudan Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Serbia Serbian Serbia South-East European
File:Flag of Singapore.png Singapore Asian
Flag of Slovakia Oberlander Jews Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia East European
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia South-East European
File:Flag of South Africa.png South African Jews South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Spain Sephardi Jews Spain and golden age Iberian
File:Flag of Sri Lanka.png Asian
Flag of Sudan African Jews Sudan Arab World
File:Flag of Suriname.png Jodensavanne Caribbean and Latin American
File:Flag of Swaziland.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Sweden.png Sweden North European
File:Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland West European
Flag of Syria Syrian Jews and Kurdish Jews Syria and exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Taiwan.png Taiwan Asian
File:Flag of Tajikistan.png Bukharian Jews Tajikistan Asian
File:Flag of Thailand.png Thailand Asian
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean
Flag of Tunisia Mizrahi Jews Tunisia and exodus Arab World
Flag of Turkey Sephardi Jews, Karaite Jews and Mizrahi Jews Turkey South-East European and Asian
File:Flag of Turkmenistan.png Bukharian Jews Asian
File:Flag of Uganda.png Abayudaya and African Jews Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa
Flag of Ukraine Karaites Ukraine and Carpathian Ruthenia Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
File:Flag of United Kingdom.png British Jews United Kingdom British
Flag of the United States American Jews United States and Colonial era Americans
File:Flag of Uruguay.png Latin American
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbek Jews Asian
File:Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuelan Jews Latin American
File:Flag of United States Virgin Islands.png Caribbean
File:Flag of Wales.png Wales Welsh
File:Flag of Yemen.png Yemenite Jews and Mizrahi Jews exodus Arab World
File:Flag of Zambia.png African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa
File:Flag of Zimbabwe.png Lemba, Rusape, and African Jews Sub-Saharan Africa

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