Jubilaeum Maximum (May 26, 1949) is a Papal bull of Pope Pius XII to announce a Holy Year for 1950. [1]

Pope Pius XII invites all faithful to the Eternal City of Rome to celebrate a Holy Year, to change and sanctify one’s life. A renaissance of humanity is possible, if all people turn away from earthly secular things to things eternal. Public life must respect the commandments of Christ. The world needs to be changed according to the spirit of His gospel. The Catholic bishops are asked to redirect the faithful to this end, whether in Rome or at home.

The great jubilee is to begin Christmas 1949 and to conclude Christmas 1950. An complete indulgence is granted to faithful who visit the four mayor basilicas Saint Peter, St. Paul outside the Walls , Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and Saint John Lateran and undertake a serious of religious prayers there. Exemptions are granted to those who are sick. Pope Pius defined the goal for the Holy Year 1950 to do penance and to pray for the return to Christ of all those who are separated from him.

  • Those who hate God, may see his light. May social justice spread around the globe to ensure that hunger disappears. May peace enter the hearts of people and families. May all those be strong, who have to suffer because of justice and persecution.

The Pope prays for peace in Palestine, whose sacred locations are not secure.He invites all the faithful to Rome, knowing how difficult this is in war-torn Europe. But he reminds the faithful of all the difficulties they often undertake for some earthly gains. How many more difficulties are worthy of eternal salvation. The pilgrimages should not be secular excursions but motivated by pious ideals.


  1. Source: Jubilaeum Maximum, 1950, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1949

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