Jotbathah (Hebrew: יָטְבָתָה, Yatvatah) or "Jotbath" is one of the stops of the Israelites on the Exodus journey.

It name may mean goodness derived from the Hebrew Jatahh or Tubb, implying therefore Good, both Natural and Moral.

It was a land of brooks of water.

It is possible that it is Yotvata or Sabkhat et-Taba and Bir et-Taba[1] in the Arabah, a salt-marsh area, which may be the "brooks of water".

An Early Iron Age fortress has been found here, with Midianite pottery and copper working scraps suggesting that water and nearby acacia trees may have provided water and wood for charcoal for the miners at Ramesses Har Timna.


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