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Our father among the saints John V was Patriarch of Constantinople from 669 to 675. During the troubled times of the Christological disputes he was a staunch Orthodox in his faith and teaching. He is commemorated by the Church on August 18.

Little is known of his life. Before his election as patriarch, John held positions as Presbyter of Constantinople, as Protekdikos and Chartophylax of the Patriarchate, and Skevophylax of Hagia Sophia.

The length of his rule as patriarch is uncertain as different sources have recorded it differently. Kallistos Nicephorus noted it as four years and a few months, while the catalogues of Leoglavius and Nicephoros record it as five years and nine months. Theophanes recorded it as six years. John was patriarch during the reign of Emperor Constantine Pogonatos, who ruled from 668 to 685.

Preceded by:
Thomas II
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Constantine I


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