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John Halgren of Abbeville[1] (d.1237) was a French scholastic philosopher and writer of sermons, papal legate and Cardinal.

In theology he was a follower of Peter the Chanter and Stephen Langton[2]. After studying with Hugolino of Ostia at the University of Paris, he became dean of the chapter at Amiens in 1218[3]; later he was archbishop of Besançon. He became Cardinal Bishop of Sabina in 1227.[4] He visited Portugal and the extant kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula as papal legate between 1227 and 1229, possibly 30 (H. Fernandes, 2006, pp. 168-169). He may have become dean of the Sacred College in January 1230, as the most senior Cardinal-Bishop after the death of Pelagio Galvani


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