John Corrill
Born September 17, 1794(1794-09-17)
Place of birth Worcester County, Massachusetts
Died September 26, 1842 (aged 48)
Place of death Adams County, Illinois
LDS Church General Authority
Second Counselor to the Bishop of the Church
Called by Edward Partridge
Start of term June 6, 1831 (aged 36)
End of term August 1, 1837 (aged 42)
End reason Honorably released

John Corrill (September 17, 1794 – September 26, 1842)[1] was an early member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, being baptized on January 10, 1831. He is noteworthy for being elected to the Missouri State Legislature in 1838. He distanced himself from the Mormons the following year, and was excommunicated. Between 1831 and 1837, Corrill served as the second counselor to the Latter Day Saint movement's first bishop, Edward Partridge, and in 1838 he briefly served as the third official Church Historian.


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