The Jews of Hadramaut were an ancient Mizrahi community living in present-day Yemen.



The Hadhramaut Governorate in Yemen today. The traditional region was larger.

The community was very old, and, after the rise of Islam and the expulsion of the Hejazi Jews, the main centers of Jewish population in Arabia in Hadramaut and in Aden. However, the Jews of Hadramaut were much more islolated than their counterparts in Aden, and the community only became known to the outside world in the 1940s. The community had distinctive religious traditions. Many of the Hadrami Jews convert to Islam but after the founding of the State of Israel, the community made Aliyah, and there are no more Hadramaut Jews in Yemen today. The Jews of Hadramout lived in Saya'un,Tareem, Mukalla and Al-Sheher, from the well known Jewish families are :in Al-Sheher and Mukalla Ben Haneen, Ben Haiem, Ben Yaze'a, Ben Zaghio, Ben Ysra'ail and Ben Qatian all of these families convert to Islam during era 1509 until the 1990. Ben Qattian Family is one of the famous Hadrami dagger makers and gold smith.

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