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The Jewish Task Force (Hebrew: הימין האמיתי, HaYamin HaAmiti, lit. "The Real Right Wing") is a right-wing Jewish Kahanist organization operating in the United States that raises money for the claimed purpose of funding radical right-wing Jewish groups in Israel.[1] The JTF has broadcast television programs through local-access cable, and operates a website with the stated goal of saving Israel, America, and The West.[1] JTF is run by a former national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, also known by his Hebrew name, Chaim Ben Pesach.

The group defines itself as "fighting to save America and Israel from Islamic terrorism."[1] Unlike most Kahanist organizations, which usually take direct positions only on issues related to Israel, the JTF also has an American agenda; it wishes to stop what it calls the "Third World invasion of America"[1] and is against America becoming what it calls a "Third World banana republic". It also has a European agenda, which is mostly focused on stopping the spread of Islam[1] Official JTF messages, usually broadcast by JTF's director, Victor Vancier, have caused it to be condemned for alleged racism by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.[2][3]


Victor Vancier, also known as "Chaim ben Pesach", serves as the organization's main spokesman, and the host of all JTF broadcasts.[4] Other JTF spokesmen have been David Ben Moshe (who co-hosts one of the JTF programs), Yosef Ben Meir (who used to co-host one of the JTF programs and be a webmaster).[5] Occasionally, Vancier has other guests on the show, including non-Jews such as Sean Reilly, an Irish Catholic, and anti-Islam author, Craig Winn.

Victor Vancier was sentenced to 10 years in a Federal prison in October, 1987, for participating in a series of bombings in the New York area since 1984, as a protest to Soviet treatment of Jews.[6][7][8] See: Victor Vancier

Media and publications


Since 1998, JTF has a website which updates every Wednesday morning which Chaim ben Pesach runs with the help of his webmaster. The website has articles among other things as well as the audio of the two weekly JTF TV shows. The format of these shows has changed in the past, with various guest hosts and periods where Chaim has hosted both programs. Occasionally, Chaim does special solo shows for the website only rather than upload the audio portion of the TV shows. The website also has a Hebrew section on its website in which there are five weekly programs. The first one, Federman Without Censor, is an audio program, has been airing since December, 2004, and is hosted by Noam Federman, the spiritual leader of the Hilltop Youth. Another audio program, by Gil Avraham (Originally known as Israel In Danger.) has been airing since April 2006. The latter one replaces the one that started in February 2005, which was co-hosted by Chaim Ben Pesach and Gil Avraham. At the end of September 2005, Chaim started to do a daily solo Hebrew program as well which as of April, 2006, became in video format and was reduced to Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. In 2006, the website created a forum where members can discuss various topics. JTF also has a sister movement called "Hayamin" in Israel.[9]

Television programs

JTF began broadcasting on New York City public access television in December 1991, originally under the name "Jewish Task Force on Media Bias". Prior to that, they had a radio program. They used to broadcast in Manhattan as well but they were taken off the air there due to the intervention of Hillary Clinton. JTF used to broadcast on QPTV, a Queens, New York public access cable television station. Since the end of JTF broadcasts on QPTV, JTF has been publishing a weekly audio address entitled "Ask JTF", in which JTF Spokesman Chaim ben Pesach attempts to answer questions posed by members of the JTF Forum on their website.

Recurring themes in the broadcast include (1) exhortations for Israel to strike at Iran's nuclear capabilities; (2) emphasis that JTF is the only organization in America doing what it does; (3) telling the audience that JTF could save Israel (and the West) if it only had ten million dollars; and (4) discussion of what ben Pesach would do if (when?) he becomes Prime Minister of Israel. Another highlight of each broadcast is ben Pesach's "affirmative action story" of the week, in which he talks about a recent encounter with an African-American. Much loved by his listeners, these stories typically paint the African-American in question as stupid and/or incompetent. In addition, ben Pesach typically pauses a few times during the broadcast indicating that he is "checking something."


African-American leaders

JTF's strong criticism of African-American leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, and its frequent ridicule of certain aspects of black culture have led some to charge JTF with racism, a charge which JTF denies. JTF vigorously criticizes many blacks and Hispanics. JTF asserts that the ridicule of black and Hispanic culture is only directed at those blacks and Hispanics who are anti-white and anti-Semitic, but JTF's critics insist that the ridicule is intentionally racist.

However, JTF does support some black conservatives such as Alan Keyes, Emanuel McLittle, Roy Innis, Walter E. Williams, and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. JTF says that it does not hate people based on race. It only opposes people who are evil, regardless of race. JTF says that people of any race can reject evil and be righteous. JTF favors the relocation of all Americans which JTF believes are not loyal to the United States, regardless of race. JTF wants to repatriate these particular people, regardless of their race, to their place of origin with a basket of emigration incentives, giving them money to be permanently sent back to where they came from.


JTF strongly criticizes Islam, often referring to the Koran, the book which Muslims consider to be holy, as the "Muslim Nazi Koran" or "monstrous". JTF says that the Koran requires its followers to murder all "non-Muslim infidels". JTF supports the fight on "Muslim terror" and in keeping with this, they supported Slobodan Milošević's policies and the "heroic Serb Christians' struggles" in Bosnia and Kosovo.

On JTF's television programs, Chaim has urged "everyone to read the Koran and the Hadith (a collection of Mohammed's sayings which most Sunni Muslims regard as holy) to see for themselves what Islam preaches". The JTF web site has a link to a leading Islamic web site which translates the entire Koran into English. Chaim has urged everyone "to read the Koran as translated by the Muslims themselves". JTF claims that "after reading the Koran, no one will doubt" that Islam commands its followers to "either forcibly convert or physically exterminate all non-Muslims".

Liberal Jewish organizations

JTF's views have been condemned by mainstream Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, with the latter organization listing the JTF web site as a "hate group". JTF responds by calling these organizations "cowardly self-hating Jews who support handing over the sacred Land of Israel to the PLO Nazi terrorists". JTF frequently criticizes its liberal Jewish critics.

Israeli government

JTF's weekly Hebrew broadcasts have drawn strong criticism from the Sharon government in Israel. JTF broadcaster Noam Federman, the spiritual leader of the Hilltop Youth who lives in Hebron, was summoned to the headquarters of Shabak, the Israeli secret police, where he was questioned for 18 hours during a two day period about his JTF program. Federman refused to answer any of Shabak's questions, and was informed that a criminal investigation had been initiated against him for allegedly using the JTF broadcasts to incite thousands of young Israeli Jews to engage in a civil disobedience campaign to protest Sharon's plans to retreat from the Gaza District and Northern Samaria. The Israeli prosecutor's office and the Shabak claim that the JTF broadcasts are largely responsible for the growing wave of road and highway blockings taking place throughout Israel.

Third World Immigration

JTF has devoted a great deal of energy to the illegal immigration crisis facing the United States. It is believed by JTF that America is being overrun by third world immigrants, whose seemingly backward culture has caused countless social and economic difficulties in the United States.

Claimed prediction of events

According to their website (JTF.ORG), "In a JTF television program which aired in Manhattan on Sunday, September 11, 1994 – precisely seven years to the day before the horrendous Muslim Nazi attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon – Chaim Ben Pesach explicitly predicted that the Islamic terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers in 1993 would return to finish their bloody work, mercilessly murdering thousands of Americans". However, while Chaim did predict that the Muslim terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers in 1993 would return to finish the job, some of his predictions in the broadcast were not accurate: Chaim guessed that the Muslim terrorists would return in the late 1990s, when in fact, they actually returned in 2001; Chaim also predicted that "tens of thousands" would be murdered in the next attack, when in fact, 3,000 were murdered; finally, Chaim thought that the Muslim terrorists would use a huge bomb to collapse the Twin Towers, when in fact, they used hijacked passenger planes.

Chaim claims that JTF's predictions and analysis of major news events have repeatedly been proven right. Prior to the Iraq war, JTF supporters point out, Chaim predicted that Saddam Hussein would not have weapons of mass destruction because international sanctions had crippled Iraq's ability to acquire such weaponry. Chaim said that the war was just about the personal Bush family vendetta with Saddam Hussein and finishing the job Bush's "wimpy" father didn't finish in the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. Chaim said regime change in Iraq would not help because he believes democracy is impossible in the Islamic world, and that if given the chance to vote, Muslims will choose an Iranian type Muslim dictatorship. JTF advocates destroying Iran's nuclear weapons program through air strikes rather than through invading and occupying an entire country.

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