Jerusalem District
Israel jerusalem dist
Hebrew מחוז ירושלים
Arabic القدس
Capital Jerusalem
Largest city Jerusalem
Cities 2
Local Councils 3
Regional Councils 1
Population 889,300 (2008)
Area 652 km²

The Jerusalem District is one of six administrative districts of Israel. Its land area is 652 km² (including East Jerusalem, administered by Israel since 1967). Its population of ~900,000 includes 67.9% Jews and 30.3% Arabs, the vast majority of whom are non citizens (who are eligible for citizezship under Israeli law) in disputed East Jerusalem,[1] (non-Jewish population includes 28.3% Muslims, 1.8% Christians and 1.4% unclassified by religion[2]). The district capital is Jerusalem.

Administrative sub-regions

Cities Local Councils Regional Councils

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  2. "Localities and Population, by District, Sub-District, Religion and Population Group". Statistical Abstract of Israel. Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. 2006. 

Coordinates: 31°45′N 35°00′E / 31.75°N 35°E / 31.75; 35

bg:Йерусалимски окръг

ca:Districte de Jerusalem cs:Jeruzalémský distrikt da:Jerusalem-distriktetet:Jeruusalemma ringkondeu:Jerusalem barrutia fa:استان اورشلیمid:Distrik Yerusalemlt:Jeruzalės apskritis ms:Daerah Jerusalemja:エルサレム地区 no:Jerusalem-distriktetpt:Jerusalém (distrito) ru:Иерусалимский округ fi:Jerusalemin hallintoalue sv:Jerusalem (distrikt) uk:Єрусалимський округ yi:ירושלים דיסטריקט zh:耶路撒冷区

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