Jerome de Salis, 4th Count de Salis-Soglio

Jerome de Salis, 4th Count de Salis-Soglio DL, JP, FRS (14 February 1771 – 2 October 1836), Illustris et Magnificus was an Anglo-Grison-Irish noble, visionary, vegetarian and landowner.

Salis was the eldest surviving son of Peter De Salis by his third wife Ann, daughter of Bundespresident Antonio de Salis. His paternal grandfather was Jerome, 2nd Count de Salis.


Arms of Salis quartered with Fane

Born in Chiavenna 14 February and baptised at Soglio 17 February 1771, he died 2 October 1836 at Dawley Lodge, Middlesex, and lies buried in Harlington-by-Heathrow, Middlesex.

In a letter of 1830 he proposed spending the winter in Madeira from whence:

'...should the Antichrist appear next year, I can easily get a passage to Chilli... by the dream I had in 1815, or rather a waking vision during an illness I had in Dublin, the application of aerial navigation to military operations will be a sign of the coming of the Antichrist.'

Salis was a friend of Samuel Wix (1771-1861), the pre-Tractarian high-churchman (i.e. pre-Oxford Movement), and paid for his Reflections concerning the expediency of a council of the Church of England and the Church of Rome being holden, with a view to accommodate religious differences (1818) to be translated into several languages.

He married thrice:

  • (1) 12 August 1797 (Shirburn Castle): Sophia (1765 - 14 June 1803), daughter of Admiral Francis William Drake (1724-87), brother of Sir Francis Henry Drake, 5th and last Bart. Mother of Petrus Johannes, 5th Count.
  • (2) 14 March 1807 (Stoke Poges): Penelope (died 20 December 1807), daughter of Dr. Robert Freeman, MD, of Uxbridge. Mother of one daughter.
  • (3) 10 May 1810 (St. Thomas's, Dublin): Henrietta (Harriet) (9 October 1785 - 26 October 1856), daughter of Rt. Rev. William Foster, DD (1744-97), chaplain to the Irish House of Commons (1780-89), and then variously Bishop of Cork and Ross; Kilmore; and of Clogher. Brother of John Foster, of Collon, county Louth, Baron Oriel, and last Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. She was second cousin to one or two of the children of Lady Bess Foster. John Leslie Foster was her brother.
Mother of nine children.

Early life residences

His children were born in

St. Marylebone, Westminster (February 1799, Petrus Johannes);
Langley, Bucks (December 1807, Sophia Juliana Penelope), married William Filgate of Lissrenny, co. Louth;

His third mother-in-law, Catherine Letitia Leslie, aka Mrs. Foster

Dublin (May 1811, Rodolphus Johannes Leslie Hibernicus), Colonel of the 8th Hussars;
St. Marylebone, Westminster (October 1812, (Willy) William Andreas Salicus (Fane));
Dublin (May 1814, (Nina) Catherina Barbara), (see her son John Warren, 3rd Baron de Tabley);
Florence (April 1816, (Leo) Leopold Fabricius (Fabius) Dieteganus), went to New South Wales
(see Cuppacumbalong Homestead);
Paris (November 1817, Henrietta Maria Felicitas);
Paris (December 1819, (Johnny) John Jenry Anthony Gubertus) went to India;
Dublin (Dublin 1821, (Charly) Charles Louis Maximilian), Captain the Hon. C. Louis Fane De Salis (d. Pimlico, July 1845);
Bath (May 1824, (Hadie) Henrietta Emma Helena), wife to Col. Challoner; and
Pisa (February 1828, (Harry) Henry Jerome Augustine), Rector of Fringford. (see his fourth son, Charles).

Some events


His third wife's tiara

  • Appointed Deputy Lieutenant county Middlesex 9 April 1797.
  • Commissioned as a lieutenant in the Loyal Uxbridge Volunteers (Corps of Yeomanry), 5 September 1803.
  • In Armagh and Limerick settling Partition of estates with Lord Sandwich, September 1805-February 1806.
  • Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, December 1808. His proposers were:
File:Henrietta Emma Helena de Salis.jpg
  • Selsey [John Peachey, 2nd Lord Selsey (1749-1816)]; and
  • Edward Ash

Royal Licence, granted 4 April 1809

Some Ancestors

Some of Jerome de Salis's ancestors
Jerome De Salis (1771-1836)
Peter De Salis (1738-1807)

Jerome de Salis (1709-94)

Peter (1st Count) de Salis-Soglio (Casa Antonio) (1675-1749)

Margherita v. Salis-Soglio (Casa di Mezzo) (1678-1747)

Hon. Mary Fane (1710-1785)

Viscount Fane (1676-1744)

Mary Stanhope (1686-1762)

Anna v. Salis-Soglio (1749-1830)

Giovanni de Salis-Soglio (1707-90)

Battista de Salis-Soglio (Casa Battista) (1654-1724)

Anna de Salis-Samedan (d.1738)

Katherina Barbara de Salis-Soglio (1711-88)

Rudolfo de Salis-Soglio (Casa di Mezzo) (1652-1735)

Maria Magdalena de Salis-Rietberg (1685-1764)


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Peter, 3rd Count de Salis
Count de Salis-Soglio
1807 – 1836
Succeeded by
Peter John, 5th Count de Salis

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