Jeroham is a name that means "cherished" or "one who finds mercy". A number of people by this name is referenced in the Bible:

  1. Father of Elkanah, and grandfather of the prophet Samuel — in 1 Samuel 1:1.
  2. The father of Azareel, the "captain" of the tribe of Dan — in 1 Chronicles 27:22.
  3. A Benjamite — in Chronicles 12:7 and 1 Chronicles 9:12.
  4. A man whose son assisted in placing Joash on the throne — in 2 Chronicles 23:1.
  5. A priest — in 1 Chronicles 9:12; (perhaps the same as in Nehemiah 11:12).


This entry incorporates text from the public domain Easton's Bible Dictionary, originally published in 1897.
  • "Jeroham" in Easton's Bible Dictionary. Accessed on September 26, 2006.

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