Chords to Jehovah Jirah, a song by by Joe Anderson. © 2003 JL Anderson Music Publishing Co (ASCAP). This file has been edited by the publisher and copyright owner of this work as a courtesy to the Christian community as a whole, and shall not be considered an infringement of copyright to be placed on this Web Site. Fair use and copyright laws apply when this page is printed or down-loaded for public performance.
(Capo 3 for Eb)

Cma7   Fma7   Cma7   Fma7 
/...  /...  /...  /...

(verse 1)
Cma7          Fma7     Cma7              Fma7 
Feeling all   alone,   Fill my wanting   soul.  
Em         Am7                Fma7           G 
A stranger in a strange land, keep my spirit whole.   
Cma7              Fma7    Nma7             Fma7  
You have always   been,   Right here by my side.   
Em                     Am7              Fma7           Bd  
Through good times and through the bad. There You will abide.


Cma7     Fma7   Cma7     Fma7  
Jehovah, Jirah, Jehovah, Jirah
Em          Am7         Fma7           G  
I know that I am Yours, And You are my Lord

Cma7   Fma7 Cma7  Fma7
/...  /...  /...  /...  
Em   Am7   Fma7   Bd  
/...  /...  /...  /...

(verse 2)

Cma7            Fma7  Cma7            Fma7  
Blessed are the poor, Blessed are the meek.
Em          Am7             Fma7              Bd 
Blessed are they who mourn, They'll no longer weep.
Cma7                   Fma7 Cma7        Fma7
You care for all the birds, Dressed the lillies of the fields.
    Em      Am7                Fma7                  Bd  
Why worry   about this life,   Your love will always yield.

Repeat Chorus


Cma7     Fma7     Cma7     Fma7
Jehovah, My Lord. Jehovah, My Lord

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