Jean Poton de Xaintrailles (1390? – 7 October 1461), a minor noble of Gascon origin, was one of the chief lieutenants of Joan of Arc. He served as master of the royal stables, as royal bailiff in Berry and as seneschal of Limousin. In 1454 he was appointed a Marshal of France.

He fought at the battle of Verneuil in 1424, and at Orléans in 1427, where he was wounded. He was captured at the battle of Cravant and later exchanged for John Talbot.

He served with Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orléans, and the battles of Jargeau, Meung-sur-Loire, Beaugency and Patay. He raised the siege of Compiègne.

In the latter phase of the Hundred Years' War he was active in the reconquest of Normandy and the conquest of Guyenne, often with Étienne de Vignolles, better known as La Hire, including the action at Gerbevoy. When the standing army was created in 1445, Xaintrailles was appointed to command one of the twelve companies of the new army.

He died at Bordeaux without heirs and left his estate to the Roman Catholic Church.

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