Jarmut or Jarmuth (Ancient Hebrew Yarmuth; Akkadian Yarimuta) may refer to a few sites in Canaan and Ancient Israel:

  1. A town mentioned in the Amarna letters as "Yarimuta". Probably located on the Phoenician coast, it was described by Rib-Hadda of Byblos as the place where his people sold their sons and daughters as slaves in order to stay alive.
  2. A town mentioned under the name "Yarmuti" as conquered by Sargon of Akkad; it may be identical with the above.
  3. A town in the plain of Judah (Joshua 15:35), originally the residence of one of the Canaanite kings (Josh. 10:3, 5, 23). It has been identified by some scholars with the modern Yarmuk, a village about 7 miles northeast of Bayt Jibrin.[1]
  4. A Levitical city of the tribe of Issachar (Josh. 21:29), supposed by some to be the Ramah of Samuel (1 Sam. 19:22).[1]


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