Jared is a king, the son of Omer, recorded in the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon. He is presented as one of the most evil kings among his people. He rebelled against his father and took control of the kingdom. Initially his rebellion was based out of the Land of Heth. After taking control of the kingdom, he made his father a captive. During this captivity Omer begat several more children. Among these were Esrom and Coriantumr who in time overthrew Jared and restored their father to the throne.

After losing his throne, his daughter convinced Jared to have her dance before Akish as an inducement to convince him to kill Omer. Although Omer escaped the attempted assassination, Akish married Jared's daughter and Jared again became king. Akish latter decided that he should be king and used his associates, his secret combination, to kill Jared.

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