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Page 2

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Page 2

tirath naavaa jay tis bhaavaa vin bhaanay ke naa-ay karee.
If by bathing at holy places, He could be obtained, Without His Blessing one cannot get there
jaytee sirath upaa-ee vaykhaa vin karmaa ke milai la-ee.
I gaze upon His Creation: without good karmas, what will they receive?
mat vich ratan javaahar maanik jay ik gur kee sikh sunee.
Within the mind are gems, jewels and rubies, when the Sikh listens to the One Guru.
guraa ik dayhi bujhaa-ee.
The Guru has extinguished this doubt:
sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee.
All creatures have only the one God – May I never forget this! 6

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