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Page 7

raatee rutee thitee vaar. pavan paanee agnee paataal.
Nights, days, weeks and seasons; wind, water, fire and the nether regions
tis vich Dhartee thaap rakhee Dharam saal. tis vich jee-a jugat kay rang.
in the midst of these, He established the earth as a home for Dharma.Upon it, He placed creatures of various colors.
tin kay naam anayk anant. karmee karmee ho-ay veechaar.
Their names are uncountable and endless. By their karams and deeds will they be judged.
sachaa aap sachaa darbaar. tithai sohan panch parvaan.
God Himself is True, and True is His Court. There, in perfect grace sit the elect Controllers.
nadree karam pavai neesaan. kach pakaa-ee othai paa-ay.
Through blessed Karmas, they receive their Mark. The ripe and the unripe shall be judged there.
naanak ga-i-aa jaapai jaa-ay. 34
O Nanak, those go there who have worshipped. 34

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