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Page 5

paataalaa paataal lakh aagaasaa aagaas.
Planets upon planets and hundreds of thousands of skies upon skies.
orhak orhak bhaal thakay vayd kahan ik vaat.
Forever and ever, one can search until one grows tired, the Vedas say one thing;
sahas athaarah kahan kataybaa asuloo ik Dhaat.
The scriptures speak of 18,000 worlds, in reality there is only One Universe.
laykhaa ho-ay ta likee-ai laykhai ho-ay vinaas.
If one had the knowledge, one could write the account, but it could not be finished.
naanak vadaa aakhee-ai aapay jaanai aap.22
Nanak, call Him Great, for He Himself knows all. 22

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