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Page 3

asaNkh jap asaNkh bhaa-o. asaNkh poojaa asaNkh tap taa-o.
Countless mediate, countless yearn. Countless worship, countless exercise self-restrain.
asaNkh garanth mukh vayd paath. asaNkh jog man rahahi udaas.
Countless recite granths and Vedas prayers. Countless Yogis detached their minds from the world.
asaNkh bhagat gun gi-aan veechaar. asaNkh satee asaNkh daataar.
Countless devotees contemplate the Virtues and Wisdoms. Countless sacrifice; countless donate.
asaNkh soor muh bhakh saar. asaNkh mon liv laa-ay taar.
Countless warriors, face attack head on. Countless in silence, focus their thoughts.
kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar. vaari-aa na jaavaa ayk vaar.
Think about the mighty Creative Potency? I cannot even begin to describe You.
jo tuDh bhaavai saa-ee bhalee kaar. too sadaa salaamat nirankaar. 17
Whatever pleases You, All will be blessed, You always protect us, Formless One! 17
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