Janusz Kiszka

Janusz Kiszka (Lithuanian: Jonušas Kiška) (1600–1653) was a politician, Polish-Lithuanian magnate in the 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Last of the Kiszka family . Rotmistrz królewski, starosta of Parnawa from 1610, Voivode of Polock since 1621, Field Lithuanian Hetman since 1635, Great Lithuanian Hetman since 1646.

Raised a Calvinist, he converted with his father and brothers to Roman Catholicism in 1606. Unlike his siblings, he was quite tolerant of his former co-religionists, also because his wife was a Calvinist too.

He married Krystyna Drucka-Sokolińska, and had no heirs.

POL COA Dąbrowa

Coat of arms of Dąbrowa

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