Blessed James Salomoni
Born 1231, Venice
Died 1314, Forlì
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
Feast May 30
Patronage cancer patients; invoked against tumors

Blessed James Salomoni (Italian: Giacomo Salomoni) (Venice, 1231 - Forlì, 1314) was a Dominican priest, ascetic, and mystic who is venerated as a beatus by the Catholic Church.

Of the Venetian nobility, Salomoni was brought up by his mother after his father died. His mother later became a Cistercian nun and he was then raised by his grandmother.[1] He became a Dominican monk at the age of seventeen, and became prior of various places, including Forlì, Faenza, San Severino, and Ravenna.[1] But Forlì was finally where he settled for the rest of his life.[1]

He gained fame for healing paralytics and for his prophetic abilities, obtained through a state of religious ecstasy. He lived for 45 years at a convent in Forlì, which considers him a patron and was called there the “father of the poor” (padre dei poveri). He also earned fame for being the person who received the confession of Carino of Balsamo, the murderer of Peter of Verona, and became his spiritual father.[2]

Salomoni suffered from cancer for four years, but he was cured some time before his death.[1]


In 1315, a brotherhood was founded to promote veneration for Salomoni. In 1526, his cult was approved for Forlì, and around 1568 for Venice; Pope Gregory XV approved his cult for the Dominicans in 1622.[1] Salomoni’s remains were conserved in a funereal urn at Forlì, but in 1939, his relics were translated to Venice, in the basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, to the Chapel of Blessed James Salomoni. A shrine was built to Salomoni at Saint Catherine of Siena Church (which is run by the Dominican Order) in Manhattan.[3]


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