A Jamat Khana or Jamaatkhana or Jamaat khana (Persian: جماعت‌خانه , Jamā'at-khāna, meaning community-house) is a communal place reserved for traditions and practices specific to the Shia Ismaili tariqah of Islam.

The Jamat Khana concentrates on 4 aspects of life: The Religious, The Social, The Educational, and The Natural. The first Ismaili Jamat Khana ever established was in Sindh Pakistan. When a region has two or more Jamat Khanas, usually one will be designated as a Headquarter or Principal Jamatkhana.

High Profile Jamat Khana

Certain cities have been granted a High Profile Jamat Khana by the Aga Khan also known as Ismaili Centre. In 1981, the first Ismaili Centre was opened in South Kensington, London, England. A few years later, the second one opened in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (first in North America). In 1998, the third one was open in Europe in Lisbon, Portugal. Canada is expected to get a second High Profile Jamat Khana in Toronto Ontario adjacent to the Don Valley Parkway. As well the United States will have its first High Profile Center in Los Angeles California.

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