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District North
Government Local council (from 1990)
Hebrew גֻ'דֵידָה-מַכְּר, Judeida-Makr
Arabic مكر جديده
Also spelled Judeidi-Maker (officially)

Makr-Jadeidi (unofficially)

Population 18,200 (2008)
Area 8974 dunams (8.974 km2; 3.465 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°56′0.14″N 35°8′28.73″E / 32.9333722°N 35.1413139°E / 32.9333722; 35.1413139Coordinates: 32°56′0.14″N 35°8′28.73″E / 32.9333722°N 35.1413139°E / 32.9333722; 35.1413139

Jadeidi-Makr or Makr-Jadeidi (Hebrew: גֻ'דֵידָה-מַכְּר‎; Arabic: مكر جديده‎) is an Israeli Arab local council formed by the merger of the two Arab towns of Makr and Jadeidi in 1990. It is located a few kilometers east of the city of Acre in the North District.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2008 the local council had a population of 18,200[1] and is 90% Muslim with a Christian minority of 10%.[2]

The town of Jadeidi translates as the "new one" and Makr translates as "headquarters". The latter is named such since it was used a headquarters for the Roman army during their siege of Acre.[2]

Mahmoud Darwish's family, who originated from the destroyed Arab village of al-Birwa, live in the town and Darwish was educated and raised there.[3]

Sports and cultureEdit

The town's main football team, Hapoel Bnei Jadeidi F.C., plays in the Israeli Liga Alef (Israeli Third Division).

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