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V. Rev. Fr Jack Witbrock is the Dean of New Zealand, in the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand.

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Biographical timeline

  • 1971: Anglican priest Fr Jack Witbrock converts to Orthodoxy.
  • 1972 Sep: Bishop Gibran ordains Fr Jack Witbrock to the diaconate and priesthood in Saint Nicholas Church, Melbourne. Appoints Fr Jack as Rector of Saint Michael Church, Dunedin. Fr Jack goes to Dunedin, NZ, a month later.
  • 1973 Antiochian Mission in Christchurch begins, regularly visited by Fr Jack.
  • 1974 Antiochian Mission in Auckland begins, regularly visited by Fr Jack until 1978.
  • 1984: Fr Jack is transferred to Christchurch.
  • 1998 Nov: Hutt Valley Mission of Saint John (Antiochian) commences with first visit by Fr Jack Witbrock
  • 2000 Jul: Metropolitan Archbishop Paul makes first archpastoral visit to New Zealand. Fr Jack Witbrock and Fr Ilyan Eades elevated to archpriests.
  • 2003 Jan: First NZ Clergy Conference (Antiochian) chaired by Abp Paul at Frederic Wallis House, Lower Hutt.
July: New Zealand Deanery of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand created. Archpriest Jack Witbrock appointed Dean.
Preceded by:
Dean of New Zealand (Antiochian)
Succeeded by:

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