JDub Records is a non-profit record and event production company striving to build community through new and innovative Jewish music and cross cultural musical dialogue[1]. Founded in December 2002 by two New York University students, Ben Hesse and Aaron Bisman, JDub has grown into an internationally recognized brand and has introduced proud Jewish voices squarely into mainstream culture, offering young adults opportunities to connect with their Judaism in the secular world in which they live. In its start-up phase, JDub focused on developing a small cadre of artists, including Matisyahu, SoCalled, and Balkan Beat Box, and introducing its unique programming to its target audience, primarily through events in New York City, festivals such as Bonnaroo, national CD releases, and via national media outlets such as MTV and The New York Times. In October 2009, JDub adopted Jewcy, an online magazine and blog.[2]


  • Balkan Beat Box
  • Golem
  • The LeeVees
  • Soulico
  • Michael Showalter (comedian)
  • Girls in Trouble
  • The Macaroons
  • Socalled
  • Sagol 59
  • Deleon
  • Tomer Yosef (lead MC of Balkan Beat Box)
  • The Sway Machinery
  • Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi

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