Vak Bottyán kk

Vak Bottyán

János Bottyán (1643, Esztergom, Hungary – September 27, 1709), also known as Blind Bottyán, Vak Bottyán János was a Hungarian kuruc general.

Bottyán was born into a poor peasant family, but lately he became one of the generals of the Kuruc army. His nickname was "Blind Bottyán" because in the Turkish–Hungarian wars He lost one of his eye. He fought against the Ottomans under the Habsburgs in the liberation of Buda. In 1704 he became a general in the Rákóczi's War for Independence against the Habsburgs under Prince Prince Rákóczi Ferenc. He is referred to as "blind" because he lost an eye while fighting the Ottomans.Template:Hungary-mil-bio-stub

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