Ivan Stojanović

Ivan Stojanović.

Ivan Stojanović (1829-1900), Catholic priest who wrote the book 'Dubrovacka literature' (1900) clearly pointed to by the people of Dubrovnik were Roman Catholic by religion, but by language like Serb origin. He was involved co-operated in the literary journal "Slovinac".

Considered that this one does not exclude the other, so that one does to another. Dum Ivan's translation, and one important German historical book by JK Engels: 'History of Dubrovnik' (1903). In the book he published, and its extensive appendix of about 200 pages entitled 'The most recent history of Dubrovnik. There is, as a living witness, showed that Austria was the establishment of their government at the beginning of 19th century living working on croaticed Dubrovnik. He is also a nice video, and show that the old Dubrovnik should not be tried under the new, which are a consequence of deliberate anti-Austrian policy and croaticed.

Ivan Stojanović,book

Dubrovacka literature

Unfortunately, in the second Yugoslavia, that book it did not even know, or not smele to know. Dum Ivan Stojanović is, however, acted in the spirit of the model that had the Vuk Karadzic, who is commonly called the father of modern Serbian culture: had the awareness that historically belongs to the Serbian people and Serbian culture. Both books Stojanović issued after his death, Serbian Dubrovnik youth.

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