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In Greek mythology, Itonus {pronounced: /aɪˈtoʊnəs/) was the son of Amphictyon. He was married to Melanippe, a nymph, and had a son Boeotus and two daughters, Chromia and Iodame.[1][2][3]

He founded a sanctuary of Athena, where his daughter Iodame served as priestess. Itonis and Itonia, surnames of Athena, were believed to have been derived from his name.[4][5][6]

Itonus was also the name of the son of another Boeotus (the son of Poseidon). He was the father of Electryon, Hippalcimus, Archilycus (Areilycus) and Alegenor; his grandsons were the Trojan War heroes Leitus, Peneleos, Prothoenor, Arcesilaus and Clonius.[7]


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