Israel Yitzhak Kalish of Warka (Yitzchok of Vurka) (1779–1848) was the first hasidic rebbe of Warka.

In 1829 he was moved to Przysucha, where his master tzadik Simcha Bunim of Peshischa was teaching. Eventually he was settled in Warka. With rebbeYitzchak Meir Alter from Góra Kalwaria he was coping with Russian ukases, prohibiting wearing traditional Jewish clothes.

Personal life

His sons were Yaakov David Baruch Kalish, founder of hasidic dynasty in Mszczonów, and Menachem Mendel Kalish his succesor in Warka.


In 1990 in Warka, near the railway bridge over Pilica river, a tombstone (ohel) was built in honour of Israel Yitzhak Kalish.


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