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Israel Folau is an Australian rugby star and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). In January, 2010, Folau announced that he will remain in Australia to continue under his 4-year contract with the Brisbane Broncos of the National Rugby League, rather than leave to serve a two-year mission for the Church, which he had previously considered. All worthy young Latter-day Saint men are encouraged to serve missions, and serving not only helps the growth of the Church, but helps young men develop skills that are beneficial throughout their lives. Young men can serve if they are single, worthy, and between the ages of 19 and 25.

Folau's family is made up of faithful Latter-day Saints. They don't watch rugby on Sundays, chosing to keep the sabbath day holy. A number of Australian rugby players belong to the Mormon Church:

A number of Mormons have quit the NRL in recent seasons to serve their religious posting. Titans rookie Jordan Rapana is about to complete his first year in England, while John Hopoate's brother Albert, now with the Sydney Roosters, and former Broncos utility Fraser Anderson have spread the gospel. [1]
Israel Folau

Photograph: Jono Searle Source: The Sunday Telegraph

Folau says he will start 2010 the quickest of his career - and he has his sights on a full-time move into the centres. He has also grown this year in height to 196 cm (6'6" tall), so he is a formidable player and ready to concentrate on playing center.

Israel Folau, who is of Tongan descent, was born on born 3 April 1989 in Minto, New South Wales. He has also represented Australia at international level and Queensland in State of Origin. Folau played the first two seasons of his career with the Melbourne Storm with whom he broke the record for most tries in a debut year and won a premiership. During this time he also started playing for Queensland and became the youngest ever player to represent Australia. He moved back north to play with the Brisbane Broncos from the 2009 season onwards (

For Folau's rugby history, click here.

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