Islamist Watch (IW) is an anti-Islamist website. Launched in April 21, 2006 as a project of the Middle East Forum, Islamist Watch "Combats the ideas and institutions of non-violent radical Islam..." and "...exposes the far reaching goals of Islamists." [1]


Mirroring the anti-Islam philosophy of Middle East Forum Director Daniel Pipes, Islamist Watch seeks to "widen the war on terror" targeting not only violent enemies but political enemies as well. IW sees their toolbox as including, "scholarship, think tank research, textbooks, campus activities, the media, press relations, philanthropy, corporate decision, political lobbying, lawsuits, feature movies, toys, computer games and much else." [1]


Acording to the Middle East Forum Site, the IW staff:

  • Lobbies government officials, editors, producers, academics and others to explain the "real" nature of Islamist organizations, "in an effort to prevent any steps that enhance the standing of Islamists."
  • Monitors lawful Islamists via the internet and periodicals even engaging in "undercover work."
  • Alerts the public through congressional testimony, newspaper articles, internet sites, books and documentaries.


  • R. John Matthies, Assistant Director


  1. 1.0 1.1 Middle East Forum, "Islamist Watch", accessed November 2007.

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