Islamic bigotry is a term that has been used to describe radical Islam and Islamic intolerance.

Already used, at least as early as 1895, to describe the 1453 Turkish-Islamic massacre of Christians.[1].

In 1924, an Islamic magazine defined it to differentiate it from moderate Islam.[2]

It was used (in a 1967 book) vis-a-vis Pakistani Islamic motivated bigotry against the Ahmadiya, since, at least 1953.[3] 1976 author, on pan-Islamic bigotry that the Khilafat had generated.[4] In 1971 on anti-Indian Islamic bigotry.[5] In a 1979 book on Iran, on anti-Bahai bigotry.[6] In 1981, in the (Asian) Tribune on the motive of Islamists' assassinating Egyptian President A. Sadat.[7] In 1985, by The New York Times, on Sudan's punishing of a compassionate official who aided Ethiopian Jews to be airlifed to Israel.[8] In 1988 on Pakistani officers meeting with Assam- based organisations of Islamic bigotry.[9] In 1996,[10] and 1997, on Islamic bigotry being against "progressive movement of history."[11] In 1998 author used the term on Pakistan's intolerance.[12] In 2002, India accused Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) of terrorism in Kashmir and expanding Islamic bigotry.[13] In 2002, on the "revival" of Islamic bigotry.[14] In a 2002 book on Pakistan anti-Christian rampage, Afghanistan and Indonesia.[15] In a 2003 book by Ahamkaari, in general on Muslim societies and intolerance.[16] In a 2005 book, on various Islamic entities.[17] In a 2010 book on Iran.[18]

In 2004 Insight Magazine wrote [23] on Osama bin Laden's doctrine: "Islamic bigotry toward non-Muslims" [19]

The Daily Telegraph in August 2008 published an article titled: "Islamic bigotry is still bigotry" regarding the famous undercover Mosque documentary on UK's TV Channel 4 that revealed in 2007 shocking bigotry preached by mainstream mosques in the UK against non-Muslims.[20]

In addition, some conservatives have also adopted the term in recent years. For example, the Terrorism Awareness Project run by Stephen Miller at the David Horowitz Freedom Center seeks to cast "islamic bigotry" in US political terms. "The political left has a public relations problem. It is in bed with the Islamo-Fascists who are attacking us. It runs interference for them; it tries to persuade Americans that no threat exists; and it labels anyone who says differently an "Islamo-phobe" and a "racist", it states on its website.[21] Brigitte Gabriel: Having learned lessons from World War II about the price of intolerance and apathy, "are we going to sit by idly and allow Islamic bigotry and hatred to drag the world into another war? We must strengthen our determination to unite and fight to protect our ideological heritage based on liberty, freedom, equality, and respect for one another."[22] Or D. West on Ant-Christian, anti-Jewish Islamic bigotry in the 2011 Egyptian uprising.[23] As well as, Liberty News,[24] on the rise of bigotry against non-Muslims and against non-Arab minorities in the Middle East, at the wake of the Arab Spring of 2011.

Islamic bigotry has also been explained by pundits as the motivation behind the genocide in Sudan and in conflicts like the Arab Israeli conflict in the Middle East.


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External links

  • SouthSudanNation, Jun 7, 2011, "The transitional Constitution Will Create an Imperial Presidency," ...for emancipation from the Khartoum's colonialism and Islamic bigotry. [24]
  • Daily Telegraph, Jan 12, 2011, "Sudan: A nation driven apart by Muslim bigotry," The likely partition of Sudan is a result of Islam's increasing intolerance, writes Con Coughlin. [25]
  • Wall Street Journal, "The Mufti of Berlin, Arab-Nazi collaboration is a taboo topic in the West." September, 2009, Muslim Judeophobia is not as is commonly claimed a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main "root causes." It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel's creation. [26]

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