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The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote a better image of Islam and remove the prejudices associated with it. It is based in the United Kingdom.

  • Saied Raza Ameli - one of the founders (IHRC Newsletter September 2006)


Accessed August 2007: [1]

  • Massoud Shadjareh, Chair, London, UK
  • Hamid Algar, Berkley, USA
  • Imam Mohammed Al-Asi, Washington, USA
  • Muhammad Al-Massari, Jazeerat-ul-Arab
  • Sheikh Ibraheem Al-Zakzaky, Kaduna, Nigeria
  • Faiq Anwari, London, UK
  • Mudassir Arani, London, UK
  • Mohammed Saeed Bahmanpour, Cambridge, UK
  • Haidar Bagir, Indiana, USA
  • Faisal Bodi, London, UK
  • Shaikh Achmad Cassiem, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Bilal Cleland, Melbourne, Australia
  • Merve Safa Kavakci, Dallas, USA
  • Shaikh Abdul Mabud, Cambridge, UK.
  • Fuad Nahdi, London, UK
  • Riaz Ramzan, London, UK
  • Jalaluddin Rekhmat, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ustadz Fadzlullah Shuib, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
  • Maulana Faiz Siddiqi, London, UK.


  1. About Us, Advisors, Islamic Human Rights Commission, accessed August 20, 2007.

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