Isidore II Xanthopoulos was Patriarch of Constantinople in mid fifteenth century, having succeeded to the patriarchal throne after Gennadius II Scholarius resigned in May 1456.

Little is known of Isidore's life before or after his ascension to the patriarchal throne. He was a hieromonk who was chosen by the local council and was acceptable to Sultan Mechmet. He was consecrated a bishop in the Church of Pammakaristos by the Metropolitan of Heraklia. Isidore remained patriarch from 1456 to 1462.

His performance while in office is not known other than his having made some decision concerning the Orthodox In Venice. A humble patriarch, he was able to fulfill his duties in a difficult time of satisfying the Turkish sultan.

He reposed on March 31, 1465 and was succeeded by Gennadius II.

Preceded by:
Gennadius II Scholarius
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Gennadius II Scholarius


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