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Buchau Stiftskirche Irmgard von Buchau

Statue of Irmgard in the Collegiate Church of Buchau

Irmgard (or Ermengard) of Chiemsee (c. 830/833, Regensburg – 16 July 866, Frauenchiemsee) was a daughter Louis the German, King of East Francia, and his wife Hemma. She was the first Abbess of Chiemsee from 857.[1] During her reign the chapter for noble ladies developed into a Benedictine convent.

Irmgard's cult was officially recognised only in 1928 by Pope Pius XI. Her feast day is 16 July.[2] In Frauenchiemsee, Irmengardstag is celebrated the Sunday nearest to 16 July. In paintings Irmgard is portrayed in a Benedictine habit either crowned with Bible and abbot's staff or with heart in her hand.



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