Irl A. Gladfelter is the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church (formerly known as the Evangelical Community Church-Lutheran). As such he is the Head of this Lutheran Church which is also of Anglo-Catholic heritage. He works with the assistance of the Holy Synod of the Church (consisting of all of the other Bishops of the Church) and the ALCC's International Standing Committee. Archbishop Gladfelter serves as Archbishop of the ALCC's Archdiocese of the West. The Metropolitan Archbishop's chancery is St. Michael's House in Kansas City, Missouri.

Archbishop Gladfelter is also the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Augustana Evangelical Catholic Communion, which is a communion of Evangelical Catholic Lutheran, Anglican Churches with true Apostolic Orders (i.e. succession) which has as its goal, visible, corporate reunion with the Roman Catholic Church in whichever form is most practical.

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