Instituto Politécnico Loyola
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City: San Cristóbal
Country: Dominican Republic
General Information
Type: Technical or vocational school
Founded: 1952
Address & Contact Information
Address: Padre Arias, 1
City: San Cristóbal
Country: Dominican Republic

The Instituto Politécnico Loyola is a Jesuit technical or vocational school founded August 5, 1952 located in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. The school's first President was Father Angel Arias S.J. The school currently teaches Elementary, Middle, and High School programs as well as an Evening Technical Program. It also has an afternoon English Language School and a Saturday Teacher Certification Program. The High School program combines basic High School education with technical classes in the areas of Agronomy and Technical (Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical among others) that leads to the equivalent of one year in a Technical Community College plus High School credentials. Most of the classes in the Agronomy and Technical field are transferrable to most of the local universities and colleges [1].

As the school enjoys of a good local reputation, admissions to the school are highly competitive and requires the passing of a mathematics and Spanish language admission test [2].


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Contact Information

Padre Arias, 1
San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.

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