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Abbot - Abortion - African pope - Altarage - American Cardinals Dinner - Annulment (Catholic Church) - Apostolic administrator - Apostolic nuncio - Apostolic Penitentiary - Apostolic prefect - Apostolic Signatura, The Supreme Tribunal of the - Apostolic vicar - Archbishop - Assumptionist - Augustinian Order - Auxiliary bishop


The Bad Popes - Baptism, Sacrament of - Benedictine - Bible - Birth control - Bishop (Catholic Church) - Blessed Virgin Mary - Bull - Bullarium


Canon law (Catholic Church) - Capuchin Order - Cardinal (Catholicism) - Carmelites - Carthusians - Catechism of the Catholic Church - Catechumen - Catholic Answers - Catholic Church (disambiguation) - Catholic Church and ecumenism - Catholic Church and slavery - Catholic Church and politics in the United States- Catholic Church by country - Catholic Church, Definition of the - Catholic Church hierarchy - Catholic Directory - Catholic Enlightenment - Catholic guilt - Catholic King - Catholic League (U.S.) - Catholic Probabilism - Catholic Renewal - Catholic spirituality - Catholic theology of the body - Catholicism - Christian Opposition to Anti-Semitism - Coadjutor bishop - Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches - Columbian Squires - Communion and Liberation - Concelebration (Catholic Church) - Confirmation, Sacrament of - Congregation (Roman Curia) - Congregation for Bishops - Congregation for Catholic Education - Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments - Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life - Congregation for the Causes of Saints - Congregation for the Clergy - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples - Congregation for the Oriental Churches - Consecrated life (Catholic Church) - Contraception - Converts to Catholicism, List of - Criticism of the Catholic Church - Crucifix - Cultural Catholic


The Da Vinci Code - Deacon - Devil - Dicastery - Diocesan administrator - Diocesan bishop - Diocese - Diocese of Rome - Dominican Order


Eastern Catholic Churches - Ecclesiastical province - Ecclesiastical provinces in the United States, List of (category) - Economy of Salvation - Ecumenical council - Encyclical - Eparch - Episcopal conference - Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) - Eucharist, Sacrament of - Exarch - Excommunicated by the Catholic Church, List of people - Excommunication


Father Millet Cross - First Communion - Foreign relations of the Holy See - Formulary controversy - Franciscan - Franciscan Friars of the Renewal


Gaudium et Spes - Global organisation of the Catholic Church - God


Heaven - Hell - History of Christianity - History of Roman Catholicism in the United States - History of the Catholic Church - Holy Cross, Congregation of - Holy Matrimony, Sacrament of - Holy Orders - Holy See



Jesuits - Jesus


Knights of Columbus - Knights of Columbus Building (New Haven, Connecticut)


Lapsed Catholic - Latin Rite - Latin liturgical rites - Lay Ecclesial Ministry - Lay communion - Legends surrounding the papacy - Lednica 2000 - Limbo - List of current patriarchs (including Catholic) - List of diplomatic missions of the Holy See - List of Eastern Catholic seminaries - List of former Roman Catholics - List of Knights of Columbus - List of living cardinals (sortable by name, country, and birthdate) - List of names of popes - List of oldest Catholic bishops (100 oldest bishops, including cardinals) - List of popes - List of Roman Catholic archdioceses (by country and continent) - List of Roman Catholic dioceses (alphabetical) (including archdioceses) - List of Roman Catholic dioceses (structured view) (including archdioceses) - List of Roman Catholic dioceses in Oceania - List of sexually active popes - List of the Catholic bishops of the United States - List of the Catholic cathedrals of the United States - List of the Catholic dioceses of the United States - Lists of patriarchs (including Catholic) - Lists of Roman Catholics (category) - Lumen Gentium


Mary, the Holy Mother of God - Mass (liturgy) - Mediatrix - Medieval Restorationism - Metropolitan bishop - Milagro (votive) - Military of Vatican City - Military ordinariate - Mission sui juris - The Monastery (BBC TV series) - Mother of God Community


Nostra Aetate - Nunciature of the Holy See in Washington, D.C.


Opus Dei - Oratory of Saint Philip Neri - L'Osservatore Romano


Papal deposing power - Papal states - Patriarch - Penance, Sacrament of - Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations (in New York City) - Permanent Observer of Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva - Pontiff - Pontifical Council for the Laity - Pope - Prefect - Prelate - Priesthood (Catholic Church) - Primacy of the Roman Pontiff - Privilège du blanc - Pro-life movement - Purgatory



Religious order - Right of Option - Role of the Catholic Church in civilization - Roman Catholic (term) - Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore - Roman Catholic calendar of saints - Roman Catholic Church - Roman Catholic Church in the United States - Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States - Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen - Roman Catholic theology - Roman Catholicism in Asia - Roman Catholicism in the United States - Roman Catholics by country - Roman Curia - Roman Rota, The Tribunal of the - Royal veto of the appointment of bishops


Sacramental - Sacraments of the Catholic Church - Saint - Second Lateran Council - Secretariat of State (Vatican) - Separation of Church and State - Squire Roses - Stylites - Suffragan bishop - Supererogation - Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus - Swiss Guard


Territorial prelate - The Catholic University of America - The Catholic University of America and The Knights of Columbus - Timeline of the Roman Catholic Church - Titular bishop - Traditionalist Catholic - Trinity


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


Vatican I - Vatican II - Vatican and Eastern Europe (1846–1958) - Vatican City - Vatican Film Library - Visions of Jesus and Mary





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Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
PeterLinusAnacletusClement IEvaristusAlexander ISixtus ITelesphorusHyginusPius IAnicetusSoterEleuterusVictor IZephyrinusCallixtus IUrban IPontianAnterusFabianCorneliusLucius IStephen ISixtus IIDionysiusFelix IEutychianCaiusMarcellinusMarcellus IEusebiusMiltiadesSilvester IMarkJulius ILiberiusDamasus ISiriciusAnastasius IInnocent IZosimusBoniface ICelestine ISixtus IIILeo IHilariusSimpliciusFelix IIIGelasius IAnastasius IISymmachusHormisdasJohn IFelix IVBoniface IIJohn IIAgapetus ISilveriusVigiliusPelagius IJohn IIIBenedict IPelagius IIGregory ISabinianBoniface IIIBoniface IVAdeodatus IBoniface VHonorius ISeverinusJohn IVTheodore IMartin IEugene IVitalianAdeodatus IIDonusAgathoLeo IIBenedict IIJohn VCononSergius IJohn VIJohn VIISisinniusConstantineGregory IIGregory IIIZacharyStephen IIPaul IStephen IIIAdrian ILeo IIIStephen IVPaschal IEugene IIValentineGregory IVSergius IILeo IVBenedict IIINicholas IAdrian IIJohn VIIIMarinus IAdrian IIIStephen VFormosusBoniface VIStephen VIRomanusTheodore IIJohn IXBenedict IVLeo VSergius IIIAnastasius IIILandoJohn XLeo VIStephen VIIJohn XILeo VIIStephen VIIIMarinus IIAgapetus IIJohn XIILeo VIIIBenedict VJohn XIIIBenedict VIBenedict VIIJohn XIVJohn XVGregory VSilvester IIJohn XVIIJohn XVIIISergius IVBenedict VIIIJohn XIXBenedict IXSilvester IIIBenedict IXGregory VIClement IIBenedict IXDamasus IILeo IXVictor IIStephen IXNicholas IIAlexander IIGregory VIIVictor IIIUrban IIPaschal IIGelasius IICallixtus IIHonorius IIInnocent IICelestine IILucius IIEugene IIIAnastasius IVAdrian IVAlexander IIILucius IIIUrban IIIGregory VIIIClement IIICelestine IIIInnocent IIIHonorius IIIGregory IXCelestine IVInnocent IVAlexander IVUrban IVClement IVGregory XInnocent VAdrian VJohn XXINicholas IIIMartin IVHonorius IVNicholas IVCelestine VBoniface VIIIBenedict XIClement VJohn XXIIBenedict XIIClement VIInnocent VIUrban VGregory XIUrban VIBoniface IXInnocent VIIGregory XIIMartin VEugene IVNicholas VCallixtus IIIPius IIPaul IISixtus IVInnocent VIIIAlexander VIPius IIIJulius IILeo XAdrian VIClement VIIPaul IIIJulius IIIMarcellus IIPaul IVPius IVPius VGregory XIIISixtus VUrban VIIGregory XIVInnocent IXClement VIIILeo XIPaul VGregory XVUrban VIIIInnocent XAlexander VIIClement IXClement XInnocent XIAlexander VIIIInnocent XIIClement XIInnocent XIIIBenedict XIIIClement XIIBenedict XIVClement XIIIClement XIVPius VIPius VIILeo XIIPius VIIIGregory XVIPius IXLeo XIIIPius XBenedict XVPius XIPius XIIJohn XXIIIPaul VIJohn Paul IJohn Paul IIBenedict XVI

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