In Multiplicibus Curis is a peace encyclical of Pope Pius XII focusing on the war in Palestine. It was given at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome, f October 24, 1948, the tenth year of his Pontificate.

Among the many preoccupations of the Pontiff, Palestine occupied a particular place on account of the ongoing war. Thousands of refugees are homeless wander from their fatherland in search of shelter and food. The destruction of sacred buildings and the fate of the Holy Places scattered throughout Palestine is ongoing and promises to get worse. [1]

Before the war, the Pope had declared that peace could only be realized in truth and justice; that is to say by respecting the rights of acquired traditions, especially in the religious field, as well as by the strict fulfillment of the duties and obligations of each group of inhabitants. [2] When war was declared, the Pope maintained the attitude of impartiality but also looked for possibilities for justice and peace in Palestine and for the respect and protection of the Holy Places. [3] Pope Pius organized charities for the refugees and victims of the war, fully recognizing that this would not be sufficient. [4]

The Pope demands that the sacred city Jerusalem and its outskirts, where there are so many a memories of the life and death of the Jesus Christ, an international character. This offer a better guarantee for the protection of the sanctuaries. He also considers it necessary to assure, with international guarantees, both free access to Holy Places scattered throughout Palestine, and the freedom of worship and the respect of customs and religious traditions. [5]



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