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Immanuel HQ
Headquarters of Immanuel Local Council
Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Government Local council
Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל
(Translit.) Imanu'el
Name meaning God is with us
Population 2,800 (2007)
Area 2750 dunams (2.75 km2; 1.06 sq mi)
Head of municipality Ezra Gershi
Coordinates 32°9′42.71″N 35°8′13.98″E / 32.1618639°N 35.1372167°E / 32.1618639; 35.1372167Coordinates: 32°9′42.71″N 35°8′13.98″E / 32.1618639°N 35.1372167°E / 32.1618639; 35.1372167
Immanuel playgroung

Playground in an Immanuel central roundabout

Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל‎) is an Israeli settlement and a town with local council status in the northern West Bank.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Immanuel had a population of 2,800 at the end of 2007,[1] mostly Haredi Orthodox Jews. Its jurisdiction is 2,750 dunams (2.75 km²).

Immanuel was declared a local council in 1985. Its first head of council was Oded Alon. Immanuel's current head of council is Yeshayahu Ehrenreich.

In the 1990s, Immanuel was undergoing a major expansion, but the Oslo Accords discouraged investors and construction firms from continuing to build. As a result, a major portion of present-day Immanuel consists of unfinished structures and concrete. Land value is also extremely low, often four to six times lower than in central Israeli towns and cities.

While Immanuel has a modest light industrial area which provides work for Israelis and Palestinians, there is otherwise not much local employment opportunities that are not related to education or Torah, therefore many of its residents commute to nearby Ariel, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak/Petah Tikva.

In 2002, the town was the site of a terrorist attack on civilians, which claimed nine lives.[2]


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