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Hangul 이장의
Hanja 二障義
Revised Romanization Ijang-ui
McCune–Reischauer Ijang-ŭi

The Ijangui, or Doctrine of the Two Hindrances, is an in-depth treatise concerning the various theories developed on the doctrine of the two hindrances of the Yogācāra school of Buddhism, by the Korean scholar-monk Wonhyo. This treatise examines and compares the various explications regarding the two hindrances as found in the major Yogācāra texts, including the Yogācārabhūmi-śāstra, Saṃdhinirmocana-sūtra, Mahāyānābhidharma-samuccaya-vyākhyā, Śrīmālādevī-simhanāda-sūtra and Xianyang lun, along with a wide range of other Mahāyāna texts. For an expanded explanation, see the below link.

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  • Muller, A. Charles (2000). "On Wŏnhyo's Ijangui (二障義)." Journal of Korean Buddhist Seminar, Vol. 8, July 2000, p. 322-336.Source: [1] (accessed: January 7, 2008)
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (log in with userID "guest"; Search for 二障義)

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