Moran Mor Ignatius Peter IV or Ignatius Pathros IV (also called Peter III without counting St. Peter the first Patriarch), was the 116th in the line of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch. Little is known on the early life of this Patriarch, who is regarded by many as the architect of the modern Syriac Orthodox Church.

Early Days and Ordination

Born in a well known Christian family of Tur Abdin in southeast Turkey, he spent his childhood days at the Mor Hananyo Monastery (Deir al-Za`faran Monastery) which was the main centers of the Syrian Church for many centuries. In 1846 Patriarch Ignatius Elias II ordained Pathros or Peter as the Metropolitan of Syria by name 'Mor Yulius'.

Enthronement as Patriarch

On 16 June 1872, he was enthroned as the 116th Patriarch of Antioch at Dayro d-Mor Marqos (Monastery of St. Mark) in Jerusalem.

Visit to Malankara (India)

He received a letter from Pulikkottil Mor Divannasios of Malankara seeking help of the Patriarch of Antioch. The Syriac Orthodox Church in India was facing problems from Mor Athanasius, who was preaching Protestant faith in the church. After repeated requests the Patriarch visited the church in India via England and got support from the British monarchy. He then convened the famous First Mulanthuruthy Synod in Malankara. In India, the patriarch was assisted by Chathuruthil Geevarghese Ramban or later popularly known as Parumala Thirumeni

First Mulanthuruthy Synod

At the synod, the patriarch made many organizational and administrative arrangements. The major arrangements were:

  • Formation of 'Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Committee' a representative body for the Malankara Edavaka (Archdiocese) and consisting of 24 elected members thus introducing a democratic set up of administration.
  • New title called "Malankara Metropolitan" which was then given to Pulikkottil Mor Divannasios.
  • Division of Malankara archdiocese into six archdioceses and ordination of a metropolitan for each archdiocese.


On Monday, 8 October 1894, Moran Mor Ignatius Pathros IV died. He was then 96. The mortal remains of the Patriarch were interred at the Mor Hananyo Monastery (also known as the Kurkkumo Dayro or Deir al-Za`faran Monastery).[1]

Preceded by
Ignatius Jacob II
List of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch
Succeeded by
Ignatius Abdul Masih II


  1. Patriarch Mor Pathros IV

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