Moran Mor Ignatius Hadayat Allah (also known as Ahathulla Bava) was the 102nd in the line of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch during A.D 1597—1639.

Early Days and Ordination

He was born in Turabdin. In AD 1586, he joined Dayra of Hananiya and was ordained deacon in 1587 by Patriarch Mor Ignatius David II Shah. He became as a Bishop in AD 1595. In AD 1597, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Pilate I appointed H.E as a Maphriyono of the East.

Enthronement as Patriarch

In the year 1597 AD HB was appointed as Patriarch of Antioch.

HH in Malankara

In 1639 HH went to Cairo to meet Syrian Christians in Alexandria. That time the Malankara church was in a need of a bishop and they wrote letter to Antioch for getting one from Jacobite Patriarchate. But the letter reached in Alexandrian Patriarchate. During a visit to the Syrian Christians in Alexandria, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Hadayat Allah met with Alexandrian Patriarchate and HH came to know about the matter of the letter. Mor Ignatius Hadayat Allah decided to go to Malankara. HH started his journey from Cairo.But HH reached in the hands of Portuguese authorities in India(1642). The Antiochian synod came into a wrong conclusion about this missing and thought Mor Ignatius Hadayat Allah was died. HH Moran Mor Ignatius Simon I (AD 1640-AD 1659) became the Patriarch of Antioch. Later Portuguese authorities brought him to Mylapore (in 1652). The tradition is that the Portuguese arrested HH, tied him up and cast him in the Ocean.

Koonen Cross Oath

Hearing the news that their Patriarch was cast in the ocean by the Roman Authorities, the Syrian Christians in Malankara get agitated and as a result, a large gathering of about 25,000 assembled at Mattancherry, Cochin and took Oath at 'Koonan Cross' [Meaning leaning cross. People taking the oath had tied a rope to the cross and held the rope while taking the pledge. The cross is said to have leaned due to pull of the rope] which happens to be known as the historical 'Koonam Kurisu Sathayam' [Pledge of leaning cross] in AD 1653 under the able leadership of Anjilimoottil Itty Thomman Kathanar and others and declared that they and their future generations will ever be loyal to the throne of Antioch and also vowed to fight against the atrocities of the Roman/Latin Catholics.

Feasts of HH Ahathulla Bava in Malankara

Feast of Mor Ahathullah Bava is celebrated in churches like:

  • St Ignatios Nuroono Jacobite Syrian Church , Ponnurunni
  • Marthoman Cheriapally, Kothamangalam
  • Morth Mariyam Valiya Pally, Kothamangalam
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, Thumpamon
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, Mavelikkara

Preceded by
Ignatius Pilate I
List of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch
Succeeded by
Ignatius Simon I


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