Ignace Pierre VIII Abdel-Ahad
Patriarch of Antioch and all the East of the Syrians
Church Syrian Catholic Church
See Antioch
Enthroned February 20, 2001
Reign ended February 2, 2008
Predecessor Ignace Moussa I Dauod
Successor Ignace Joseph III Younan
Personal details
Birth name Pierre Grégoire Abdel-Ahad
Born 30 June 1930 (1930-06-30) (age 87)
Aleppo, Syria

Ignace Pierre VIII Abdel-Ahad (born Grégoire Pierre Abdel-Ahad at Aleppo on June 28, 1930) is Patriarch Emeritus of Antioch and all the East of the Syrians of the Syriac Catholic Church (or Syrian Catholic Church). They are one of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches following the Antiochene rite, the Syriac tradition of Antioch, along with the Maronites and Syro-Malankara Christians.

He was ordained priest on October 17, 1954 and consecrated bishop on June 21, 1997 by Patriarch Ignace Antoine II Hayek, and served as auxiliary bishop of Antioch till his appointment as Primate and Patriarch on February 16, 2001. His resignation has been accepted on February 2, 2008. He lives in Beirut.


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